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The Adventures of Florian

It's here: my new project: THE ADVENTURES OF FLORIAN: an orchestral fairytale.

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This multimedia project is a fairy tale featuring a transgender hero and a gay prince. It represents LGBT characters in a positive light, and teaches the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation.


The piece is scored for full orchestra, performed by the Janacek Philharmonic Ostrava and features the stunning illustrations of Apolline Etienne  Don't forget to follow her on Facebook 


Here is a taste of some of what you will see and hear: 

13 Seconds

This work was created as a way to acknowledge and confront the words of hate, bigotry, and intolerance, and dissolve them with the music of love.

The inspiration for the piece was the chants of “send her back” that occurred at a campaign rally on July 17, 2019, and, the sexist and homophobic text messages of the Governor of Puerto Rico. 

I wanted to create a work that could be performed anywhere, by any group, without the need for specialized musical training or equipment.

The concept is simple: by chanting or speaking the hateful words, we acknowledge that they and the hate exist. It is only through accepting the problem, (in this case, the existence of hate) that we can then resolve it.


The resolution comes in the form of singing the word “Love”. Although the chanting is performed only by the performing group, the singing of the word “Love” incorporates the audience as well, to represent the concept that love is universal and more powerful than hate. The words only last for 13 seconds each, while the singing continues for at least 2 minutes and 49 seconds, (13x13) and possibly indefinitely.

Here is the link to the Word document


Here is the link to the PDF 

And, here is the actual piece

13 Seconds


Michael J. Evans

For Rep. Ilhan Omar



  1. Make a list of 13 of the most racist, homophobic, and misogynistic words, slurs or epithets

  2. Distribute copies to the group

  3. Have the group chant each of the 13 on the list for 13 seconds each

  4. As the group begins the 13th, one person in the group should begin singing the word “Love”

  5. The group should join in gradually, each member of the group singing the word “Love” it can be in unison or in harmony,

  6. The group should invite the audience to join in

  7. The singing of the word “Love should continue for at least 2 minutes 49 seconds,(13 x 13), but should be allowed to continue beyond that, since love should be limitless.

Beethoven 6.1
A Dystopian Pastorale

Beethoven 6.1 is a project that was created to bring together musicians and other artists in the common goal of using art to:


  • Raise funds for environmental groups, and communities affected by climate change, resource extraction, mining/industrial spills, etc.

  • Show the communal and environmental impact of environmental abuse and destruction

  • Raise awareness of the destructiveness of unregulated or minimally regulated capitalism and the pitfalls of the commodification of everything

This work is a reimagining of Beethoven’s original landscape, altered to reflect the current sounds of environmental abuse and destruction.