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Michael J. Evans brings us an extremely detailed effort for his 7th release on the Navona label, where he presents a modern adaptation of the Henry Beston fairytale of the same name. The Adventures Of Florian also brings LGBT characters into focus, helping establish the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity.

Disc 1 consists of 2 acts, where Act 1 flows with a cinematic, orchestral quality that alternates between sweeping strings, bouts of bright percussion and plenty of precise interaction, while Act II moves with an often haunting quality that’s mysterious, inviting and unpredictable.

Disc 2 leads with firm, triumphant dynamics that are certainly powerful and quite playful as the varied instruments dance in and out of each other with an inimitable presence, and Act 4 exits the listen with soaring, stirring and commanding song craft that finishes the fairy tale on a very high point.

A very unique adventure, Evans often assigns each instrument to a character, where the oboe represents Isabella until his shift into Florian, when the soprano sax then defines him. The colorful music is even accompanied by 100+ illustrations by Appoline Etienne, which only adds to the vivid, radiant nature of the record.

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