• May 21, 2022

    The Portland Youth Philharmonic Performs Reunion

    Composed in 2021, Reunion celebrates our return to social life post-COVID. The music begins at, and emerges from our experiences during lockdown.

  • December 21, 2020

    Review: Take Effect on The Adventures of Florian

    Michael J. Evans brings us an extremely detailed effort for his 7th release on the Navona label, where he presents a modern adaptation of the Henry Beston fairytale of the same name.

A Fine Agitation - album cover
Latest Release

A Fine Agitation

Available to stream on all platforms June 9, 2023

Strong convictions make for strong emotion, and in Michael J. Evans’ case, emotion transforms into operatic scenes. A FINE AGITATION is an eight-part stage work based on Susan B. Anthony’s letters during her infamous voting trial, which sheds light on the beloved social reformer from a personal, intimate, and profoundly charming angle.

a big-hearted orchestral fairy tale of warmth and imagination

AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE on The Adventures of Florian

Varied instruments dance in and out of each other with an inimitable presence

TAKE EFFECT on The Adventures
of Florian