The Adventures of Florian

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Serbia: Subotičkoj filharmoniji
Carnegie Hall Performance

Every field has a pinnacle: athletes winning an Olympic gold medal, actors winning an Academy Award. For musicians, there is no higher honor than your music being performed at Carnegie Hall.

On Sunday night, that pinnacle was achieved by four PARMA artists: Deems Taylor, Michael J. Evans, Matej Meštrović, and Dwight Beckham, Sr. as part of DCINY‘s “Dreamweaver” concert on the Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall.  The evening was conducted by James M. Meader and PARMA Project Director Miran Vaupotić. Read more 

Once again Distinguished Concerts International New York (DCINY) demonstrated the power of music on a massive scale in their recent concert at Carnegie Hall. It was another extravaganza.


Behind it all, of course, is a mission of encouraging music far and wide through performance and education, and in tribute to one who devoted decades to this mission, James M. Meaders, DCINY Conductor, presented the DCINY Educator Laureate Award to conductor, arranger, author, and educator, Dr. Milburn Price at the program’s opening. It set a tone of reverence to start off the evening.


For the music itself, Norwegian Ola Gjeilo and American Dan Forrest were the two featured composers whose major works were presented, alongside shorter works by Michael J. Evans, Joseph Deems Taylor, Dwight Beckham, and Matej Meštrović. Mr. Gjeilo and Mr. Forrest share some remarkable similarities in some ways. Read more


String Quartet No. 1 
The Music of Erich Zann

"It’s here! Serious Western Art Music utilization of HPL’s work.


I did not have a score, so many of the more technical aspects of the music were somewhat difficult to determine. I have included an overview first and if the reader would like to follow along I’ve included my “blow by blow” notes." Read more

Picking some scenes from H.P. Lovecraft’s book ‘The Music of Erich Zann’, American composer Michael J. Evans has transformed the creepy story into one suspenseful, mysterious and sometimes dramatically accentuated music. The Sirius Quartet gives an exciting account of this truly interesting piece. Read more


"This is an unusual presentation of an engrossing and imaginatively constructed new concerto for bassoon…" 

"The solo bassoon part is written with carefully shaped phrases, and that final cadenza is poignant indeed. Performances are very fine, warm and polished". 

Peter Burwasser, Fanfare Magazine 

"The concept is fabulous: the bassoon directly represents the protagonist of Chekhov’s story "Misery" 

"What looks on the surface like such a simple idea deepens as an experience on each subsequent viewing and listening". 

"The piece is full of delightful touches, and the scoring remarkably assured". 

“One feels the joy in storytelling itself, and in bringing to life Chekhov’s story. A remarkable idea, beautifully realized”. 

Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine


"All variations are but a type of distortion, no? Evans explores artistic fidelity, taking Mendelssohn’s text (a weakly translated letter excerpt) and music (a few bars from a Song without Words) through an eclectic series of variations. Part one opens upon distorted speech whose noise clears away gradually upon repetition only to reveal jumbled words."  Read more