I'm Here

I was speaking with my mom before Christmas. As we talked about how things were going, she asked about my day job, and if I was enjoying my time off, (a bit of background here: I usually take the month of December off, since I have vacation days that must be taken by the end of the year or forfeited). She also asked about my work as a composer, how it was going, did I write every day, and so on. As we finished that subject, she said something to the effect of, “it’s great that you have a hobby that you love”. This caught my attention since I view my life and my work as a composer more as a calling than a hobby. So, I gently explained that being a composer was what I considered my real purpos

Holiday Lights

After a couple of heavy posts I wanted to write something light for the holidays. I’ve been thinking about light a lot lately. As we approach the Solstice, that wonderful turning point where multiple traditions celebrate the rebirth of the light from the cosmic womb, the dark void, where all things come forth, I am contemplating light. I remember the light; not just the light of the sun, but the light we all are. I have only spoken about this in words with a few close friends, but I have memories of the time before – before incarnating. I’m not talking about being in the womb, I’m talking about before that. I’ve also had memories of past lives, but the memories of being without a body are mu

What Drew Me to Multimedia projects

Today is the first day of my vacation from my day job till January. I love this time of year. It gives me a chance to focus on the music fully. I also have the time to go to the various museums here in D.C. and catch different exhibits. Ai Weiwei is currently at the Hirshhorn, and there are a ton of other shows I'm looking forward to seeing. So, expect a new post later this month about what I've seen. I'm also an avid follower of astrology, and with mercury retrograde, it is a perfect time for reflection. I'm looking back now on how far I've come as a composer over the last few years, (the time that Saturn has been in my 10th house ), all the lessons I've learned, and specifically what drew

World AIDS Day

It's been a very interesting week. I was in Pittsburgh for my day job. Growing up just a couple of hours away, the region feels familiar in ways that are difficult to articulate. Maybe it's the people, the light, or the smell of the air, but it brings back memories. I was listening to the local Public radio station, which is also the classical music station, I heard a familiar voice. It was a woman that I went to college with at Kent State University in the early to mid 1980's. We had many of the same classes together, but our paths took radically different directions. Hers was a more traditional path, continuing to Graduate school, etc. Mine, on the other hand, has been very non traditiona

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